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Hi everyone! Congratulations to those of you accepted for Fall 2010!!! I was wondering if there was anyone out there besides myself who had been accepted to Forsyth Technical Community College in... Read More

  1. by   missdixie023
    Nope! I still haven't heard anything :\ I know some people have told me that they got their call in July before class started in August about being accepted from the alternate list. I really don't want to get my hopes up because as hard as it is for some to get in the program, I can't imagine that many people would decide they don't want to do it or not get their stuff in. It just really sucks thinking that I won't know for SURE until July or August! :[

    I also wanted to ask you guys- did they tell you all anything in orientation about the job outlook for grads? One of my friends that graduated from forsyth tech's ADN program last May told me that half of her graduating class still weren't employed. Ahhh!
  2. by   MandaTaye
    Dixie - It happens all the time, actually. But I know you'd rather know... What are your plans if you don't get in this semester?

    And you're right about the poor job outlook for new grads in this area. It's bad. Even BSN's are having difficulty finding jobs. I believe by the time we get out though with Obama's healthcare reform there will be a lot more people with access to care and therefore a greater need for healthcare providers and their assistants.
  3. by   missdixie023
    Well, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, so if I don't get in maybe it just isn't the right time for ME :] I am finishing BIO-165 now, and registered for BIO-166 in the summer- so I feel confident about getting in for Spring. I should have 160+ by the deadline in October. It just seems like FOREVER. But yeah, I am planning on re-applying
  4. by   MandaTaye
    Yeah, if you haven't finished Anatomy that's why you didn't get in. They want to see how you do in that class first. What grade do you think you're making in 165?? 160 is more than enough points to get in. You should be in like flynn Use that time to learn as much as you can before you get in.... that way it'll be easier.
  5. by   tmgordon
    Well it is getting closer to time for us to start the nursing program and I am getting really nervous is there anyone else feeling the way I am?
  6. by   MandaTaye
    tmgordon, do you have facebook... we're all on there...
  7. by   missdixie023
    Hey guys, I have a question...

    How do the clinical days work throughout the program? Like, that time do they start, what time must you be at the hospital, how many times a week are clinicals, etc. I'm planning on moving about 30 minutes from Winston and i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do about child care, driving, etc. I'd really appreciate any info, thanks!
  8. by   Bk5896
    Miss dixie: clinical is one day a week the first semester, we have to be there at 6am til 2 I believe? Not sure about other semesters...