Finishing prereqs and basics before nursing school?

  1. I am at HCC in Texas getting my basics for ADN RN nursing done. I was given $5,550 in financial aid for one year to use for classes. I've had to take remedial math and it's costing me some time and money to get through and I'm realizing that I won't be able to stay in budget and finish within the one years time (the current fall semester, spring semester, and summer). I refuse to take out a loan so I was wondering what the general consensus was for schools and having classes done.
    If I have a few math classes left over, or maybe a science or basic class left over, will I be allowed to complete this class while in nursing school or will ALL my basics have to be done before any acceptance is allowed?
    I've read before that some schools allowed this and although I don't know what school in or out of Texas I will be applying to, what is the general consensus for finishing basics?
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  3. by   zoe92
    There usually isn't a general consensus because every school is different. Find specific schools that you want to apply to and see what they want students to have completed. I live in MD and know most of the private schools allow you to take your intro nursing classes while finishing science/math pre reqs.
  4. by   NightNerd
    There is not a general consensus. You need to check with the specific schools you are applying to about this. Most of the nursing programs around me (also MD) require you to have everything done. I have heard of one ADN program that will let you take A & P II at the same time as your Fundamentals of Nursing course, but that's about as much leeway as I've seen.
  5. by   simonemesina
    Here in WA the only pre-req I'm "allowed to defer" is microbiology. It's used as a "back up class" in case you don't get in to the RN program on the first try. I'm also at a school with the most difficult RN program to get into.