Finances while in NS

  1. I *hope* I will be starting nursing school this Spring (and if not this Spring, then next Fall). I am single so the only source of income is my own. I will need to work while going to school to support myself. I live in an expensive area (DC Metro) so I definitely don't want to use student loans to pay for cost of living, etc. Most of my work experience has been in law and there are very few evening/weekend jobs in this field.

    With the job market the way it is, I'm wondering if I'll be able to find anything that will allow me to attend class during the day and work evenings/weekends. Does anyone have suggestions? I don't have CNA certification but I'd consider home health aide if it will pay enough to support me. My kids are grown and almost gone (youngest turns 18 soon) so my time will be my own.

    Also, any scholarship suggestions for an older, divorced, empty nester?
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  3. by   greeniebean can match you with schoarships for free. It's a really good site. good luck!
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    When you get admitted into the program .The state of maryland offers a free shortage scholarship but it comes with a work commitment ,I am not sure if Dc has ONE . GOODLUCK
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    Looking to get/be creative when I get accepted into the Nursing program too. I've also thought about CNA/PCT work...but we'll see what turns up. I'm a single parent/no CS, currently unemployed and sure can't stay that way! Something else to consider, our school has an evening program that goes through the summer, so you get done a semester earlier than the day program. Maybe yours does too? It'll be tough, but I'd rather stay with it and get it done that much earlier.

    Good luck!