Fall 2012 - Pharmacology - page 7

Anyone out there taking Pharmacology this semester? Want to start a support group? I ended up having to take Pharm online because the only time slots offered conflicted with my Physiology &... Read More

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    Thank you, i will check around

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    Vitiana, you will need to find out the specific requirements for the RN program at the school you wish to attend. Each institution has different standards for admissions into their programs.

    Gelibean, did you finish Pharmacology? I ended up getting an A....YAY!!!! I was floored that I ended up with a 96% on the last exam. I felt like I wasn't going to do well at all. But she was generous on the last test. If you knew the drugs well, the answers were obvious on the multiple choice questions.

    Whew! Done!!!

    Sending lots of "good grades" vibes your way. I'm so excited for you that you'll be starting your nursing program in a few weeks!!! I'll know the 3rd week in April if I'm in or not. (Fingers crossed)

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