Excited about nursing school & Peds---TIPS??

  1. Hi Everyone!!

    I am so excited about nursing school and being a nurse! I want to work in peds when I graduate. I was wanting to know if there was anything I could be doing to help my self prepare for school and peds? Any helpful tip would be great !!! Also, If I wanted to volunteer at a hospital can you choose which floor like for example if I wanted to choose peds??? Anyone also have any stories about peds they want to share.. just looking for more information about the field Thanks !!
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  3. by   runsalot
    That only a very small part of NS is about peds. Hope you like adults too.
  4. by   Nurseintraining1025
    Yes I like adults and I know that a very small part is peds. I meant when I get out of school I would love to get a job in peds and wanted to know while in school if there was anything I could be doing to make my chances of getting a peds job after I graduate better. Thanks though.
  5. by   DalekRN
    It's what I would tell anyone- get great grades, try for a nurse externship, work as a cna and get experience in peds if you can, and don't get obsessed with making peds your first job- if it isn't, just do the job, be grateful for the experience, and transfer when you can.
  6. by   PD82
    Volunteer or better yet, try getting a Tech position at a childrens hospital/unit. It is a harder job than you may think, being around sick kids and their families (which are sometimes harder to work with than the kids). It is very rewarding though.

    Another area is mother/baby units, which is where I work as a tech.

    The great thing about nursing is there are so many specialties to choose from :-) Good luck!