Does anyone know where I can take Chem 30B in summer '13, in the SF Bay Area?

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    I want to apply to Dominican University for Fall 2013 admission. So, I have to take a few courses including chem 30B this is intro to organic and biochem. I am going to take Chem 1B this spring semester and if I can, Chem 30B in the summer. I think it is also chem 32 as City College of SF and chem 1602 in CSU; it is also Chem 109. When I checked last summer, I didn't find it at Peralta nor Chabot, here in the East Bay. Is it offered at other schools in the summer? Thanks!
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    Maybe SRJC I know it's a bit far but I think they offer some Chem in the summer
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    Foothill College In Los Altos Offers Chem 30B