Do you think its possible?

  1. Hi, so at my school if you are doing pre requisites they say that you haven't declared your major (stupid i know) and you only qualify for loans. And the loans are only available for 12 consecutive months. Well I have 4 pre reqs for the LPN program, then I have 6 for the RN program. Do you think its possible for me to complete these four classes in one summer quarter and pass with a B?

    English 101
    Psych 100
    Human Bio
    Math for health occupations
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  3. by   AaronsMommyxx
    Without a doubt you can! I am taking English 101, Psych 100, Human Bio & Chemistry! & I have an A in all 4! You can do it without a problem. I actually take Psych and english online though, and prefer psych online. English is better in a classroom. Just study your bio and practice your math a lot & you should do great!
  4. by   starz_girl_1
    Absolutely, work hard, focus and get it done. I have seen people take A & P, Micro, and Statistics in one 5 week summer session. Miracles can happen, if you work hard!
  5. by   Ahill1988
    AHHH!! Thank you so much =] I have taken English 101 already when I was 16 doing Running Start and got a 2.9 and I need a 3.0. I do have three kids which is why I am so nervous, I guess I should have mentioned that LOL.
  6. by   CordaeP
    Of course it is possible I took General Psy and AP1 last summer and made an A in both. I would take Eng and Math one session and Psy and Bio another.
  7. by   Iridescent Orchid
    [color=#2f4f4f]most definitely! i say shoot for an a, always aim high! you can do this! just focus and stay on top of your will be no problem as long as you don't fall behind! i wish you the best of luck!