Do I expect to fail?

  1. For the last couple of years I've been working on my pre-req's to apply to the nursing program. I've been gungho about it and now, now that I'm at the end of my last pre-req, and about to apply in May I'm starting to feel like maybe this isn't for me. I feel like maybe I secretly don't want (or don't think I can)to succeed in this. All of my adult life I've taken on classes toward degrees that I've never finished. First there was business admin, then dietitian. Now I feel like I'm at another cross roads. Just because someone (another pre-nursing student) told me about PTA (Physical Therapy Assist) program. Then I started thinking of all the reasons maybe I don't want to be a nurse. Mainly the fact that I'm way way WAY empathetic and turn into a puddle of tears when something bad happens to someone else. After doing a lot of research I'm seeing that PTA is not nearly as good as my fellow student made it out to be. But I'm confused because I feel like "why did I almost completely change my mind AGAIN?!?!!?!" I feel like maybe I'm almost expecting myself to give up or fail. Or maybe I'm just afraid of success. Or don't think I'm good enough to succeed? I guess I'm writing this because I'm hoping I'm not the only one who's felt this way. Maybe I'm looking for encouragement.....Thanks for listening to my psychological analysis of myself and letting me vent.
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  3. by   Proton
    Life changes can often result in fear, anxiety or doubt. I think if you changed your mind (PTA) when it came down to the final judgment (acceptance/rejection) these feelings may surface again even though you've taken a new path. Spending all of that time preparing, sometimes means spending all of that time worrying if you're good enough or if you will fail. All you can do is your best and if it's something you want keep trying (raise GPA, re-take a pre-req) if the results aren't quite what you wanted or expected.
  4. by   Krazi4psych
    Whatever u don't don't give up. U will never know if something is for u if u never finish what u start. I completely understand how you feel. I'm a very moody person and with those moods come change in mind and self doubt. I feel that nursing is a calling for me, so I can't give up. When I have thoughts of giving up or feeling like maybe I can't do this, I pray and The Lord reminds me that I can do ALL things through His power. He strengthens me everyday and I continue on this journey and will continue until I reach the goal
  5. by   SleeepyRN
    Throughout my 20's I too attempted numerous degrees. Then I decided to go to Nursing School. First, I became a CNA. Then I took my nursing pre-reqs. I loved all my science classes and during my first semester of nursing school I thought that maybe I was more into the science/ medical part of it than actual Nursing. It wasn't until the very end of my 1st semester of nursing school that I became excited about Nursing and realized I made the right decision. Now I'm an RN (new grad) and even though its a HARD job, I can't see myself being anything else ,(except a biologist BC I love Biology) Competition in many areas of the country is fierce right now, but I'm still glad and confident I made the right choice.