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So I am VERY excited about nursing, I will find out in two weeks if I am accepted into the RN Program. It really interests me and seems like something I will enjoy. The only thing that bothers me is EVERY nurse I have spoken to... Read More

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    Awesome thanks for the encouragement!

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    "I HATE being told how, when, where, and with what tools or devices to do it with"
    This is the part of Nursing that I don't think I will like as well. That is part of the reason that I want to eventually be a Nurse Practitioner. I want to have more control over care and not be TOLD how to do everything.

    Does this aspect of nursing bother anyone else? It would be nice to not feel like I'm the only one......
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    I did not read much of this forum, but i am very glad I found it. This has been on my mind for soooo long. I think it depends on what kind of nurse you are. I wonder which are the "happy" nurses.

    We have one life to live. One precious life. I always wonder when I turn 50 or 60 how I would feel about my accomplishments. Would I feel happy that I pursued nursing. Did I make a difference in the world? Not only on the patients that I would help but also on my family.

    I am having a hard time figuring out if nursing is for me. The negative comments that i read, see and hear about nursing is not helping. Just recently I spoke with a girl in my physiology class and I asked her why she chose nursing. She looked at me waved her head and said she will NEVER do nursing. She said she is taking her pre reqs to become a physician assistant. I asked her why not nursing , and she said that she has seen first hand how nurses get treated. She said she does not want to put up with the way they are treated by doctors and patients. Plus they get paid less and they do all the "dirty" work. She also said that through being a PA she can go to medical school much easier than a nurse. I simply looked at her and said that it is great she is doing what is best for her.

    Hopefully my mind and my heart makes a choice soon. I don't want to make any more mistakes.

    Thanks for reading ladies.
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    Oh...my cousin, ADN/ICU Nurse for 25 years is raining on parade since I received a full scholarship. I left Biotechnology with B.S. Biology and she says I won't be able to handle the courses (all A's in pre-clinicals, took A & P I & II both six weeks each over summer--both A's). I've also been doing home care as a CNA for 5 years, mostly with late stage AD patients. Is there something I'm missing?
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    Funny--people with "below average I.Q.'s" tend to forget proper forms of capitalization/punctuation. Much like...YOU.
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    Can I just say that I will always remember when i was working at my first fast food job as a teen, I remember serving a woman in scrubs and asking if she was a nurse. She replied that she worked as a nurse at the local hospital. I had told her I was accepted to the nursing program for the upcoming fall, and was excited to start that journey. She looked me dead in the face and said "yeah, you'll love being a nurse. You work over time, never get a holiday, won't ever see your family and you get treated like crap. Enjoy!' And then she left!
    I was so annoyed off that she would answer that way to someone who was aspiring to go into nursing.
    As a nurse now, do I work holidays, overtime and occasionally catch crap from patients/visitors/colleagues? Absolutely. But I love my job and the great days always outweigh the bad.
    I'd be honest if a nursing student asked me about the downsides, but I'd be quick to share all the great experiences.
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    Can I justo isn't put this thread is more than two yrs old?
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Can I justo isn't put this thread is more than two yrs old?
    Well someone dug it up since it was in the current section. So I replied!

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