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So I'm having a hard time deciding on what I want to do with my life. Medical field has always interested me, and that is what I'm shooting for. I've been in school now 3 years, 21 years old, taking... Read More

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    RT jobs are in demand depending on what state you checking, it varies. If your long term goal is to definitely be a PA , you do not have to be an RN first. You can get a bachelor in health sciences or pre-med to meet a BAS requirement, since you already did many of these courses your classes should transfer to that major and take a short vocational course that can get you the health care experience such as PCT or EMT both of these are not expensive and probably a good place to start off your experience in the medical field.It seems like you need some career guidance talk to someone at yr college. I myself was indecisive about PA or nursing in the end I decided nursing was better because I eventually want to be a nurse practitioner and as an NP I can work under my own license.