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    I'm from upstate NY and applied for the fall semester nursing program, I just received my letter and I didn't get in. I'm completely ok with not entering the nursing program this fall - it will actually allow me to knock out all the "extra" courses so I can concentrate solely on the nursing classes next fall.

    Here's my question, what can I do to make myself a more competitive candidate? I obviously recognize excellent grades are a top priority but what else?? I currently have a 3.75 GPA and will continue to strive for excellence. What has me completely baffled is that there were several people who I thought would get into our program and didn't - hardworking individuals with straight A's plus all their pre-req's done. I really want to stand out from the crowd next year and make it into the program. Any suggestions??
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    I am sorry you didn't get in! I would say get some academic recommendations, write an essay saying why you want to be a nurse, and get some health care volunteer experience. Maybe even get your CNA this summer.
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    get more experience in the field. Many of the better programs look at grades, but will take hours and hours of great experience in healthcare over good grades. I have a friend who had a 3.3 gpa, and had thousands of hours of volunteer experience as an EMT and CNA, and she got into Yale. Experience helps and shows your prepared for nursing school.