Co-reqs finish before program or during???

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I have been debating this for a little while, just wondered if I could get some opinions on the matter! I am hoping for a fall start date at PJC (Pensacola Junior College) and I have 3 Co-reqs I still need to finish: Micro, Nutrition, and A&P 2! I planned on taking 2 this summer before I started the program, but I can't becuase the classes are at the same times! The online version of Nutrition at my CC, is said to be impossible to pass, it's higley reccomended to take the class on campus. So my dilemma now lies in... should I quit my job in May to finish all three co-reqs and start the program with just my Nursing classes, or do I stay in my job til August and and take one class, and then try and take the other two classes with my Nursing classes in the program? I am just confused beacuse I want to do both! I want to stay at my job long enough that they can find a good replacement and so I can make good money, but I also want to get those classes out of the way, so that I can go in Stress Free (well, with less stress that is)! Oh and I will stay til at least May 1st, because we are in a middle of a large project at work, and that is when it should be finished, then schools starts May 6th!! Thanks, any advice or info would be helpful!
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  3. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    I say finish what you can before entering the program because once you are in, the actual nursing courses are going to be more than enough to keep you overwhelmed. If you are financially stable enough to stop working in May in order to complete all of your co-reqs, do it. You definitely want to go in with as little stress as possible.
  4. by   FLDoula
    Hi Noel! I'm also at PJC/Warrington. Hope to start Spring/2011. Howdy fellow student. Will be fortunate enough to have all pre and co reqs done by then. Only pre req holding me back right now is college algebra. (I'm in Intermediate) I also heard talk against taking nutrition online. BUT can you take classes at more than one campus? Maybe you could find a time that would work? Not sure what's offered. Where did you find the summer schedule?? I'm with the OP here....I'd try to quit in May to get the last of the co reqs done because the program is demanding enough without adding a major science class to it. Good luck!
  5. by   Noel1221
    Thank you for the replies!! FLDOULA, I am currently notin Penscola so I am not sure what PJC's summer schedule looks like yet? I looked at my local CC, and if I take it at night (because of work) The classes will be on-top of each other. Also there are not many different night classes offered at my school, that's unfortunate!! Yes, Ihave heard the program is really Difficult, so I am thinking I will have to get all the classes out of the way, just would feel really bad quitting at such a peak time for us! I originally planned to quit in July or August, but to get all of those classes done before Fall, I may have to quit in May . Just not a great time for it. LoL On the up-side though I am going to be in a decent financial place, because I will be moving back in with the parents to save a little money before I have to move, so.. maybe I should Just do it. I guess it just makes me a little nervous! Fldoula, If I get in for fall (hoping I do, but still not sure if I made the alternate list?) I will save some of my books for you
  6. by   CharlieT
    Work will take care of itself. You need to set yourself up for success by getting as much out of the way before starting nursing classes. You will have plenty to do with reading, care plans, reading you books, clinicals and did I mention the volume of reading you will need to do?
  7. by   Noel1221
    Thanks Charlie,
    I am always worried about work Just don't want to make it look like I am bailing or anything. But you are correct, they did everything before I was here and I am sure it wil continue once I am gone, Just don't want to Burn Bridges is all. Thank you again for veryones help!