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cna while in training course

  1. 0 Hi I will like to know if I can still apply for a job while I'm currently enrolled in the can training program with dawn. I am looking for a better job and I was wondering is that possible.
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    As a current PCT, I know that hospitals will not even look at your resume unless you have already passed the state cert. However, many LTC facilities will hire you if you will pass your states within 3 months.

    Hope this helps
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    I worked as a PCT in ED for years and wasn't a CNA, but I was an EMT and had a separate phlebotomy certificate so I think you have to have completed some sort of certification/licensing. It definitely seems to vary by location though.
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    So I won't have a chance of getting in like a nursing home without having my certification first
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    Ok so I won't be able to get in anything until I pass my state taste that's includn nursing homes c I live in wilmington de
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    Again, it varies by location, but the majority of the time LTC WILL hire you if you are still in the course. The hospitals will only entertain applicants who already have their certs.
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    What is a LTC
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    ^Long Term Care...Nursing Home.
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    So can I get a job dealing in with that field while still in school or just starting it
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    I work in a nursing home through home health agency and i did not do a cna course or anything
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    O see I applied for that and everything but I don't have a car