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Hi everyone! My anticipated graduation date is in spring of 2016.... A long way away, but I thought maybe we could share a thread? In a student at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA. What's... Read More

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    I am (hopefully) starting the program at my community college in the spring of 2014 and will graduate spring 2016. Doing developmental psych and pharmacology over the summer now. And health math in the fall just as something to do to keep me fresh and not get to big of a break.
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    We don't have any waitlists, the schools here are all merit based. I am still finishing prereqs and will be applying this winter for Fall 2014 entry to BSN programs in my area.
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    Quote from duke1158

    We will hopefully be graduating together!
    Sweet!!! Good luck to you <3
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    Thanks meeep for the reply! We pretty much have been doing this since day one. We research everything online because he told us to send our textbook back since he would not be using it for class. When we take the exam and use what we researched to answer questions, he fails us and he tells us it is all wrong because when he went to medical school in his country and that was not what they taught.... It is so frustrating! I am in my last week of finals and have been studying for two test for ten days now hoping to pass it!!!
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    I'm just starting pre reqs but I only have three so I can apply in Feb for the fall 2014 cohort Then, I'd graduate in Sring of 2016. BUT it's an ADN program, there's also a BSN program that I could apply for (about 20k more) but I wouldn't be done until Dec 2016. If I can nab a Nurse Corps scholarship I'll definitely do it!
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    Memphismom, I too would love a nurse corps scholarship. Either the Navy or the Army would be fine, but the recent rape statistics has disgusted me. Anyway Im finishing up my pre-requ's this Fall and hopefully I land a spot in the nursing program. In the meantime I'll get a phlebotomy cert. and brush up on the math.
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    I think memphismom might have been talking about the HRSA scholarship where the goverment pays for your school and gives you a stipend every month for a minimum of two years service and a undeserved clinic/hospital/etc. Thousands apply for it and only a couple hundred get it! I am working on my letters of rec and making myself a strong candidate to apply next year.
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    Quote from Kvedaa
    I have a question out of curiosity. I clicked on this thread because I will be graduating June 2016 from my BSN program (It seems so far away!) but from reading the comments I am confused. Is everyone still working on prereqs or on really long waitlists, I am from Oregon and I have learned that our state does things differently than most others, like programs start once a year and the waitlist is only good for that year then they have to reapply, and programs have 500-1500 applicants for 30-80 positions each year so many students have to apply for several years (you get extra points the second year you apply), they also don't use HESI or TEAS exams. This is purely out of curiosity about how other programs work!
    Every area and school are entirely different. I have only heard of one school in my area that can sometimes go into a wait list, but not to the severeity of yours.
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    I'm a hopeful summer 2016 graduate from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. I'm finishing up my pre-reqs now and hope to start the program Spring 2014.

    I need to take the TEAS in October. Trying to start studying for it now. Hopefully after recital crazy week is over. I'm a single Mom and my daughter's dance recital is this weekend.

    Summer semester starts Monday, so hopefully I can fit in TEAS studying around the classes I'm taking this summer too.
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    Thanks for the reply! Yeah there are 8 ADN/BSN programs within 50 miles of one another here in Oregon so many students apply to all of them so each school selects there applicants but many students are accepted to more than one school so each school also created a waitlist to fill spots of students who decide on another program but after the program starts any student still waitlisted have to reapply the following year. At 50-120 bucks per program I feel like it is a money making machine.

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