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Carrington College or UNR? - page 2

I guess I would just like a little validation or encouragement (for patience?). I need to make a choice this month. I am down to 2 choices: Carrington College or University Nevada Reno. I really... Read More

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    no BSN degree just $40,000 for an AA degree
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    Quote from tanna898
    Indy when you say the LVN to RN program in Sacramento is having problems placing students at clinical sites it makes me think that you are a current student. I plan on going there for this program and would love to hear more info from actual students than just sale reps.
    Are you attending the LVN program at the Sac campus in October?
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    Quote from mrsmoore213

    Are you attending the LVN program at the Sac campus in October?
    No it looks like I need to take interpersonal communication before I can apply. I can't get into that class until this spring at my local community college so I won't be able to start till next June