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I have a question and would like all answers I can get !!! I did al my requierements for my RN I only need to taker my TEAS and I am ready to apply, however; this morning at work some rep. from the Chamberlain College of Nursing... Read More

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    Yes, get the BSN, and get it right from the git-go and get it over and done with. Lots of people think they'll get an associate's degree and then work for the money and get the BSN later, one way or another. Many don't. The first few years of practice are enough learning and work without trying to cram more college classes into your work schedule.

    NO, run, do not walk, away from DeVry/Chamberlain and their ilk. Go to a state college or university. You can thank us later. And you WILL thank us later.
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    I think you should go for the BSN but NOT for 85K! Look at other programs in your area, many State colleges have BSN programs for less $$$ and are about 2 years in length. They are a little competitive GPA sometimes but it's worth fighting to get into one of those programs rather than shelling out $85k!
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    If you're asking, you know the answer already. NO. Nurses in my area make an average starting wage
    of $21/hr, and you're not paying back $85K with that that quickly.

    Look into a BSN program from a reputable school.
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    I agree with earlier post- Check out State Schools. The programs usually run about 2 years for a fraction of the cost.

    The BSN Degree is worth the time as you will start out of school making much more than you would as an RN. (What is the Average Salary for a Nursing Graduate with a BSN? ) Also, many hospitals are beginning to only hire BSN's for Nurses. (There are many Threads on Just search Hospital BSN Only) Plus you will have the added advantage of being able to move on to Graduate School and Specialize in your passion.

    SO- BSN Degree- "YES!" but Chamberlain College- an emphatic "NO!"

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