BSN program that only looks at pre-req GPA, not overall? - page 2

Does anyone known of a BSN program anywhere that only looks at pre-requisite GPA? My overall isn't great because I goofed around my first bit in college. After graduating and having my bachelors in... Read More

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    OHSU looks at pre reqs only.

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    uth only looks at prereqs and science gpa
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    Look into Georiga State Univ. they look at your last attempt. Only for the PreNursing Prereq. Dont give up! I am going there a another situation about my GPA, also.
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    Sacramento State (CSUS)
    UNLV (I think)
    Samuel Merrit (Last 60 credits)
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    Orvis School of Nursing, Reno NV
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    UNLV doesn't they go by a point system.
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    UWM & UWP Consortial look at science GPA and Nursing prereq GPA. But like someone else said, they put a lot of weight on your extracurriculars and essay. I cannot tell you how many times I retyped and reworded my essay because I hated the way it sounded.
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    WKU (Bowling Green, KY) takes overall GPA, Prereq GPA and HESI Entrance Exam into Consideration. While 2.75 is minimum requirements for GPA if you have a 3.0 or better with GREAT Prereq GPA you should have no problem.

    WKU is in South Central Kentucky (Bowling Green, KY) which is about an hour north of Nashville and I believe WKU has reciprocity for some parts of TN which means no out of state tuition.

    They offer a 2 yr ADN and a 4 yr BSN

    Good Luck

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