Best time management tips that worked for you?

  1. I'll be working full time and going to school full time this semester (12 credits). Plus, there is my home life. No kids if you don't count hubby...
    I'm 26...and have been out of school for 6 years and going back to finish what I started...

    I have a desk job, mainly data entry...Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm and am taking some classes online and some on campus.
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  3. by   rn4me2be
    Try to get into a daily study routine. I noticed that I was able to get many things done in my life that were part of my "routine". So I scheduled daily study time and I keep it part of my daily routine (6-8pm daily) and it gets done. It is working well for me so far! I believe anything can get done if it is part of your routine! Believe it or not I even scheduled "fun" reading time (because I love to read for pleasure) into my day (8-8:30pm). I didn't want to give that up! So I still get to read for fun but it just takes me a very long time to get through a book!
  4. by   caronkincaid
    Quite agree with getting into a routine. Also helpful if you have a set place for studying - home or library, as this helps you get into study mode. And use some form of scheduler to note when assignments are due in. Try here for more tips
  5. by   Aly529
    Thanks! I'm nervous but focused at the same time. I just have to keep that going.
  6. by   sanu22
    don't get nervous!!! be cool!!!
  7. by   Aly529
    Quote from sanu22
    don't get nervous!!! be cool!!!

    lol thanks
  8. by   thenameismac
    Coming from someone in the same position (except with no hubby) I agree with everyone here. Definitely keep a schedule and don't forget to do the assignments before the deadline. I've done assignments a little too late to receive a grade so scheduling is important. Also, it helps to be organized from the very beginning. For one class I was very organized and for another I was very NOT. Let's just say that I have an A in the first and barely a C in the other. Always do the reading. Sometimes you may need more than 2 hours to do it and it will take you all week but do the reading. I've been stuck reading 20 pages 5 hours before the exam is due so I know it's best to stay on top of it.