Be patient with my indecision

  1. I'm tired of searching for the ideal career given that I am desperately in need of one.

    I'm so tempted to go the masters route in nutritional science and hope to pursue a PhD thereafter. Whether I choose to do so or not, 6-7 years will be here anyway but with virtually no real income still (compared to nursing).

    I get paid a stipend in these graduate programs.... hardly sustainable. I don't want to pay any more money on study guides and no, I won't do so for the GRE.

    Nursing, despite the difficulty in landing a job, is still remarkably the better choice for my needs, it appears. I am sooo nervous about embarking in a nursing career as I'm a career changer. I still do not regret leaving pharmacy and I doubt I ever will. That's fo' sho'!

    I've had enough researching careers for the night.
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  3. by   Stephalump
    Never fear. Any career is what you make of it. Whether it be plumbing, nursing, or dog walking, I believe an intelligent, resourceful person can find a way to be happy and successful.

    I sense what I suffer from: the desire to do everything. Sometimes it's not so much a desire, but an acute awareness of all of the endless possibilities

    At some point you have to pick. Pick and FINISH, because there will always be a new possibility.

    If you become a nurse and bring in a steady income, you're opening yourself up to more opportunities. There are countless paths to pursue in nursing, and at the the very least you'll have a paycheck to get you through training for something completely different if nursing isn't your end-all-be-all.