Anatomy help!!

  1. Right now in anatomy we are doing joints and muscles (orgin, insertion, action, and innervation). I can't seem to remember the oirgin and insertion part to well. Any tips on studying it? Or how to study it. Right now I'm using flash cards. Exam and piratical is April 8th. I have a great grade in Anatomy and don't want to mess it up.
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  3. by   Alisonisayoshi
    Do you have the coloring book? That does help. Do you have cadaver study? Before I started on the cadavers I was sure I would fail (and kill my A) but then I worked on the cadavers and pulled on the muscles and saw what they did and how they made the body move and boom! I had it sooooo much better. Haha I was the only one in that lab tugging at the muscles but I got an 89 (Low A in my course).
  4. by   Mchs4735
    Yeah my teacher shows the cadaver and no I don't have the coloring, only the lab mannual and book. I don't really read the lab mannual, maybe it will help.
  5. by   alibear27
    I think a good way to study it is to focus on the action of the muscle - and actually move your body and perform that action, while you are studying. It makes it easier to understand which is the origin and which is the insertion. The origin is usually the anchoring site for the muscle, and the insertion is usually on the bone that is being moved. And, make sure you know your bones! Good luck.
  6. by   akulahawkRN
    Also remember that generally speaking, origins tend to be more proximal and insertions tend to be more distal. Otherwise, look at what's being moved and what "anchor" the muscles need to use to accomplish that movement. The insertion will be on what's being moved and the origin is the anchor point.
  7. by   maddiem
    The best way to learn structures is to spend time in the lab with the models. My school had open lab hours and it really helped me prepare for lab practicals! I went to open lab once or twice a week. Its so much different when you study from a textbook. Its just not the same as looking at a real life size 3D model.