Anatomy & Physiology and chemistry???

  1. 0 I DID IT!!!! I registered for classes!

    Will be taking

    Anatomy & Physiology 1
    Foundations of Chemistry
    Developmental Psychology

    And during the summer Elementary statistics!

    I'm excited and scared at the same damn time!!!! Eeek! I've read some people wouldn't recommend taking 2 sciences together! What do you guys think of ANATOMY AND CHEM? Is it doable?
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    I think it is doable if you do it within a regular long semester... so you should be fine!
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    To me Chem was simple, I would take those classes together.
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    Shouldn't be a problem. A/P I isn't that bad. The first exam in chem will probably help the first exam in A/P. You'll be learning about electrolytes, anions, cations, osmotic pressures and differences, stuff like that. Taking Psych as the 3rd was a good move. The later portions of chem might suck, but your semester is doable. Just remember to not fall behind or slack. They aren't necessarily that hard, but there's a lot of info...lots of memorization. Stay on top of stuff and you'll be fine.
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    Thank you everyone!!!! This is GREAT!

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