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  1. I am thinking about taking Anatomy & Physiology II online at the University of Phoenix. Has anyone taken that course with them, and if they have is it possible to get a good grade. I am currently a student at Towson and will have to manage classes and and an online course in order to apply to the nursing program for the Fall. Thanks.
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  3. by   Compassion_x
    I would make sure that you don't need a lab portion for your school before taking it. My school requires the lab portion too, and students who have taken a&p elsewhere without a lab have had to retake the whole thing.
  4. by   dsb_fam
    I took Anatomy and Physiology 2 through Phoenix College online. I received an "A" and it had an online lab portion. I learned more from this class than any of my other science classes. I thought it was put together very well and definitely doable. Good luck. PM if you want my instructor's name.
  5. by   mk1993
    Thanks for the response, what was your instructor's name?
  6. by   skakma1
    dsb_fam .....what was your instructor's name at UoPhx for Anatomy & Physiology?
  7. by   skakma1
    Can you tell me the name of your instructor at UoPhx for Anatomy & Physiology?
  8. by   JAMSALEStoRN
    New Mexico Junior College offers A&PI and II as well as micro. Both have lab components. When you get the transcript for them, it does not indicate the course was "online." The course runs either as 5 or 8 weeks. Really easy to get an A as long as you put the time in for the reading/assignments. It is ENTIRELY online--no proctored exams. I had Jamie Farrow and she was excellent!
  9. by   flynprincess
    Would you happen to still have your book? I'm taking her class this spring and she is still using the 2013 14th edition of the text.
  10. by   hopefulkim99
    Aby of you still willing to sell your book?
  11. by   hopefulkim99
    Anyone still hang around this topic who took courses at NMJC?
  12. by   freedomdawn
    Were her exams open book or closed book?