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    I am thinking about taking Anatomy & Physiology II online at the University of Phoenix. Has anyone taken that course with them, and if they have is it possible to get a good grade. I am currently a student at Towson and will have to manage classes and and an online course in order to apply to the nursing program for the Fall. Thanks.

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    I would make sure that you don't need a lab portion for your school before taking it. My school requires the lab portion too, and students who have taken a&p elsewhere without a lab have had to retake the whole thing.
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    I took Anatomy and Physiology 2 through Phoenix College online. I received an "A" and it had an online lab portion. I learned more from this class than any of my other science classes. I thought it was put together very well and definitely doable. Good luck. PM if you want my instructor's name.
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    Thanks for the response, what was your instructor's name?
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    dsb_fam .....what was your instructor's name at UoPhx for Anatomy & Physiology?
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    Can you tell me the name of your instructor at UoPhx for Anatomy & Physiology?
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    New Mexico Junior College offers A&PI and II as well as micro. Both have lab components. When you get the transcript for them, it does not indicate the course was "online." The course runs either as 5 or 8 weeks. Really easy to get an A as long as you put the time in for the reading/assignments. It is ENTIRELY online--no proctored exams. I had Jamie Farrow and she was excellent!

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