Am I out of my mind?

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    Hi! Can you guys tell me if this is doable in the Fall:

    Microbiology + Lab
    Anatomy & Physiology + Open Lab
    Principles of Cell Biology + Lab

    I figure that the micro and cell biology are going to be really similar (in fact, I'm trying to get the same teacher for both since she's outstanding). I did take Chem and Psych this summer and got A's in both (it was tough though, since the classes were 8 weeks and the material wasn't shortened in any way!).

    Thanks for your input, fellow prerequers! :-)
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    Should be fine, just study hard. I am taking Microbio and A&P I this fall as well, along with my two math prereqs and a Spanish class.
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    STAY FOCUSED! I took Micro/Lab, APII, and Pharmacology last Spring. While my husband and 3 little girls had some adjusting to do, it was not impossible. I actually managed to get a 4.0! You can do it if I can, I promise!
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    No, completely doable.
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