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Almost done w/fall

  1. 0 Fall semester is almost over. That means I'm almost done with chemistry WOOT WOOT AND will be moving onto my 2nd section of anatomy!!! Thank God!!!
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    Amen! Can't wait to finish A & P 1 this semester!
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    wow, you actually sound like me. I wish that I took chemistry by itself instead of with 3 other classes. I can't wait to see Dec. 11, 2012. good luck to you
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    I know... I was just looking at the syllabus and realized we only have 6 more chapters of chem left! I'm so ready to move on to other things!
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    Somehow I pulled of a 98 on my chm exam! Igave an a again oh how I'd like to keep it
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    Quote from Austincb
    Somehow I pulled of a 98 on my chm exam! Igave an a again oh how I'd like to keep it
    Nice! No 98's here... but I would be really happy if I could hang on to my midterm grade (B+)...
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    I'd take anatomy over chemistry any day. Luckily I have a pretty good chemistry teacher this semester.
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    Yes! Only 4 more weeks of class left! Goodbye Chemistry & A&PII !!!!!
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    Ick So glad I don't have chemistry. Chem and I just do not get along! I'm ecstatic! Only 3 more weeks of classes left for me. Only big hurdles is really A&P, math and English comp should be easy to finish out. Then I get to spend the rest of December through mid January studying for the TEAS!