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    I haven't even started school yet, but planning on it next year. My question is what is the fastest way to become an RN? I have 2 small children and trying to do this without missing all of their young years.
    Would LVN then RN be the best? or even medical assistant first?
    or just a straight RN program. Does anyone know of any fast track RN programs in the Houston area?
    Any help would be wonderful.

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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community.

    The "fastest" way to being able to sit for the RN about two years.....and that is IF you have the prerequisites completed AND have good grades.
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    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

    has the nursing shortage disappeared?

    Even if you get into a school AND is NO guarantee for a position! Only About 50% of all college graduates cannot find positions and that includes nurses. It is an employer market right now and they are preferring/hiring only BSN graduates. The average time looking for employment is about 16 months nation wide. Many facilities are now requiring "nurse residency" programs that are highly competitive to get into and the applicants FAR outnumber the positions available.

    I'm going to move this to pre-nursing for best response
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    Like Esme said the fastest way to be a RN and getting your associates in nursing. But, the BSN is the way to go if you want to be more competitive as a new graduation with no experience. In Houston, there's UT, TWU, Peairie View A & M, and Chamberlain College (a for profit school).

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