Accredidation vs Non accredidation

  1. So I have a few questions. I really want to be a nurse and have been wanted to be one for a long time. I have looked into Concorde Career College and it looks like it has a great program that is only 15 months long! It is accredited by the state but not by NLNAC or CCNE. They do promise a RN license at the end. Is this license transferable to any state? even if its not accredited? Has anyone done this route? Also I know many jobs are requiring to have been graduated from an accredited program from NLNAC or CCNE. From Concorde I can transfer to University of Phoenix and get a bachelors which will be accredited from them. Does that count? or does it only matter which school I actually got my license from??? Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!! Or if anyone knows where I can find the answers to these questions who I can call? email? Thank you!
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    Here's an older thread where they discuss it:
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    The school cannot promise you a license. The license is given by the state when you pass your NCLEX. They may get you an NCLEX review but definitely not nursing license.