About to start nursing school and need advice from all you lovely nurses out there!!!

  1. I just got accepted to TWU's BSN program and am so excited! But with that excited also comes anxiety and nervousness for what's to come. I need your help! I am just looking for advice on what to expect, what the best scrubs, stethoscopes, and shoes are? What I should try to study up on before courses begin? And really anything about nursing school that may be useful and anything that surprised you about nursing school.
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  3. by   grpman
    I'm no nurse but I am waist deep in nursing school. I personally think it is too big of a subject to study up on before school, but I'm no expert on this. I would say that knowing some normal lab values would come in handy early on. Maybe know the norms for electrolytes, BUN's, and blood work for example. They are found in every NCLEX study guide. I say this because I missed a few questions on my first test because I did not understand the scenario that was presented to me. I didn't know if he had too many platelets or too few, too much Na or not enough, too many WBC's or too low, etc. Just my 2 cents.
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    I wouldn't worry so much about content as I would about learning to crack the code of NCLEX-style questions.
    If you can get that beast down, the rest will come.
    Content is vital, but it is useless (as a student) if you can't figure out how the questions work.