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  1. 0 I am transferring to a new school this semester because the last school I was attending is not accredited for Nursing. I am a pre-nursing student but lately I have been a little worried. I have always had a passion for helping people but I am just worried about not being able to get a job when I graduate and it will all be a waste. I have heard that nurses will always find a job and that no matter where you go, a nurse will be employed. Is this true? Should I consider another option? I have just been a little worried for the past 2 months. Thanks for reading.
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    It really depends on where you are in the country, what kind of job you're looking for and what kind of nursing you want to do.
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    No it's not true anymore.... right now. The economy has effected nursing like any other profession. The new number estimated that 43% of new grads are unemployed (the average job search lasting about 18 months) or under employed. There is no nursing shortage right now. Check out the threads already being discussed....AN has recently partnered with CNN about this very subject......http://allnurses.com/general-nursing...es-808314.html

    There is no shortage right now....
    Nursing Job Search Assistance

    If nursing is your passion this is to give you a heads up......Praemonitus praemunitus or forewarned is forearmed

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