A&P I- Histology

  1. We have a test in a few weeks and histology will be on the test along with a couple of other chapters. I'm working on my study guide now and for the first time since I've started A&P I feel overwhelmed. Information overload -__-. There is sooo much information when it comes to histology that I'm not sure what to do. For those who have went over it already, how did you guys do with histology and what's the most effective way of studying for it? I'm in the process of making flash cards right now but if anything else helps I'm willing to try it.
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    Hi patiently_waiting,

    I'm also taking A&P 1, and I know how you feel about information overload. I just took my first test on Chapters 1-4 (including histology). It helped me to learn one type of tissue at a time and not move on until I knew it really well. I started with epithelium, and learned each type of epithelium before moving on to connective tissue. It also helped me to think about the function and location of each tissue type and how the structure relates to it. It also helps to learn common markings for each type of tissue. Writing out flash cards is helpful (I prefer writing in my notebook, but which ever works for you), and you can use different colors for epithelium, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue. On each card, you can write the type of tissue, the structure, location, and function of each. (For example, simple squamous epithelium is a single layer of flattened cells found in the air sacs of the lungs that allow materials to pass by diffusion and filtration). As you study the flashcards, you can look at pictures of the tissue you are studying in a lab atlas or your A&P book. This helped me a lot when I was studying tissues because I could associate the description of the tissue with what it looks like. Drawing out the tissue on flashcards also helps (I did this, and it helped me even though I can't draw!), or writing out branching flowcharts for the tissues. I was a little overwhelmed with histology at first (especially the different connective tissues), but if you take time to learn it and understand how the functions/locations relate to the structure, it becomes much easier.

    I hope this helps. Good luck! You can do it!

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    Ours is a lab quiz next week, but I'm just as clueless. Good luck!
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    Take each type one at a time. I took this class 2 years ago, so th info is not fresh in my head, but I do remember being completely overwhelmed with histology because the characteristics of each cells would all blur together. I remember just studying one or two a day, then when confident with those, moved to the next couple along with the previous ones. WHen I felt I knew the 3-4, I added another, until I knew the difference between all of them. It also helps if you look at slide and describe them to yourself in your own words. THen look at the descriptions given for the cell and where they are found. Knowing tha I could describe them to myself made it easier to bridge to the technical descriptions of them.