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As much as I keep telling myself to stop preparing for the fall semester, I just can't. Can I please have a few responses on what topics were on your syllabus for week 1, 2 and 3 for your A&P 1 class?... Read More

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    Quote from stacebake
    Is it possible you could email your professor and ask for a copy of the syllabus in advance if they have it available? I'm starting A&P II in the Fall and my professor doesn't have a website with all the cool info I'm looking for so I emailed him and asked for a copy of the syllabus so I could get started on buying all my school supplies (I am a freak when it comes to shopping for school and I HAVE to have everything in advance.)
    Thanks for the suggestion, because I've been freaking out about the supplies as well! I rather know I have everything NOW as opposed to after starting class. I did a search on my college's website of my instructor's name and his e-mail popped up, so I shot him one asking. I'm hopeful he has one to send via email. It'd make my life a lot easier for the next couple of weeks! Thanks again stace!

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    Thanks for the link and suggestions WKredz5!

    I like your idea, Stacebake to email her and request it. I don't know if I'll do it tho, I don't wanna be a bug-a-boo.

    AprilAnney- thanks for reminding me about epithelium.

    Thanks for telling me about the bones, Lemidora.

    I’ve been brushing up on the other topics, already. Next on my list of things to do: 1 epithelium and 2 bones.

    (I'm a repeater and am committed to earning an A this go round!!!)
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    lol! i was going to put up the site too!! i love sharing it with everyone i can. it helped me tremendously and he also has a site for microbiology like this that i've already been looking over
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    this professor hasn't taught this class at this school since 2006 i think.. but even my lab teachers in bio 210 & bio 211 used this site to 'quiz' us before we had our lab quizzes.

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