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Hello I wasn't sure where to post this but this is a quick question from a prospective nursing student to a 2 year college, I've been hearing that more hospitals are angling for 4 year degrees as... Read More

  1. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    The BSN is the goal you want to achieve. How you get there depends on many factors. Yes, its easier just to shoot for the BSN and get it done and over with. However, if you will be attending an ADN program its not totally hopeless. You can do the RN-BSN program while you're working or before you start working. Some hospitals will help pay or reimburse you for that BSN education, depending on where you work. As for landing a job, usually the BSN is preferred. But, I'd definitely wouldn't say places wouldn't hire an ADN-RN, because they do.
  2. by   jrsl7490
    I have a question. I will be receiving my bachelors degree in criminal justice in May but have decided that I want to become a nurse. I am currently applying to a to year ADN program and eventually during the year some accelerated BSN programs since I will already obtain my bachelors degree.

    Does anyone have any advice on which type of program I should focus more on? I know that getting into any nursing program is competitive but I have heard that accelerated BSN's are extremely hard to get into. If anyone could help I would appreciate it!