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2013 Fall Applicants

  1. 0 Well it's official, my admissions packet has been submitted. I am applying to an ADN program in Pittsburgh Pa. We get to select a first and second choice campus and my first choice is the only fast track 18 month program offered. Last semester they had over a 1000 applicants for 300 seats. So needless to say I am super nervous. I am applying with a 3.6 with all of my sciences and co-reqs done. Who else is applying? and have you gotten your packets out yet?
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    My packet went out a couple weeks ago, we get our accepted/rejected letters first week of June, a couple weeks after final grades are submitted (since you're allowed to be finishing up pre-reqs in the spring when you apply). Now I'm just focusing on finishing up the last of my pre-reqs while I (impatiently!!) wait for June to arrive. I currently have a 4.0 pre-req GPA, just hoping I can hang onto it this semester. Mine is an ADN program, they said they get about 500 applicants for 60 seats.
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    I applied to Gadsden State Community College RN & LPN programs. Our letters go out the first of June too. Going insane!
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    Good luck to all of you! Here's hoping you're all doing the Happy Dance in a few weeks when you get your acceptance letters

    I'll be starting nursing school in the fall. Hope to see you all in the student nurse section soon