2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application - page 72

The application process hasn't even started yet but I didn't even find out about last year's scholarship until a couple days before the deadline. I did get my application in on time but was not fortunate enough to be a recipient.... Read More

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    Woo! Stipend and ORC!

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    I still have not found the FB page.
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    Quick question. If I am applying for the Nursing Program for Fall of 2013 ( Aug 2013), when will I need to complete the application?
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    Its in April or may. The website will tell you when they start taking applications.
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    Thank you for your reply. I signed up to get the reminder email. I need to research more information on this before the time comes. It seems that alot of people actually get this scholarship. Will you be applying for it next year?
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    Hi All--

    So glad I found this topic, and sorry if I'm repeating a question (I don't really feel like reading through 72 pages!). I am hoping to apply for the scholarship this year, and want to be prepared before the cycle opens. I'm trying to find more information out about the recommendations...on the info page it says:

    The recommendation letter should address the three discussion points found in the instructions in “School Year 2012-2013 Application: Supporting Documents.”

    I can't access the Supporting Documents page, since the application isn't open yet. Does anyone know what the three discussion points are? I want to get the ball rolling on my recommendations!

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    So I have a question for those that have gotten the scholarship.....once awarded can u apply again and receive the scholarship for grad school or is it just a one time thing either to be used for a BSN or MSN but not both?
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    Will this grant only cover a 2 year nursing degree?
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    garciamnic, accelerated nursing programs qualify too.

    I have a question, can you work at children's hospitals with this scholarship or are they not considered?
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    Hi! How was the whole process? can you email me? mzprincess1991@yahoo.com

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