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The application process hasn't even started yet but I didn't even find out about last year's scholarship until a couple days before the deadline. I did get my application in on time but was not... Read More

  1. by   kevsgirl1
    Sorry, you are right. Anyone can qualify. However, they do not normally leave the first funding group which is the one you stated as an EFC of 0 - 5500.
  2. by   kevsgirl1
    I needed to edit that last comment. Pressed enter too soon! I cannot seem to edit it though so I am making another post.

    X-Nurse...thank you for being clear in your post about the funding preference. Everyone please disregard my previous post.
  3. by   ginaw623
    I know that dual-degree or bridge students are ineligible for the scholarship...but what about accelerated one-year BSN students? Does anyone know anything about this?
  4. by   kevsgirl1
    Accelerated students are not ineligible from what I have been told. It is always best to call the hotline number and ask them for a definite answer. It would be no fun to complete the application and then not be eligible.
  5. by   DarkLotus
    Quote from kevsgirl1
    DarkLotus: Just fyi, you stated you need this money to be able to attend school in the fall. If you receive the scholarship, you will not get any money until November most likely. You will have to find another source to cover your fall tuition and living expenses. Can you take out loans to cover your fall tuition and stuff? Just trying to help you be prepared
    I had to take out loans to pay for my kids daycare when doing pre-reqs due to my controling ex (he would not watch our kids and he used my name for various things so I would not qualify for subsidized daycare). So I could take out loans for only one term of nursing school but after that I can not get any more student loans. So I'll be out of luck unless I get this scholarship. I think a lot of people applying can still get loans but choose not to. Even if you don't qualify for grants you could probably still get out lonas. I totally regret having sent my kids to daycare on student loans but the financial aid office at my community college made it seem like the nursing school was only based on gpa but the term I finished my pre reqs the nursing program changed to a random lottery for anyone with a b average...

    I'm not in college right now, I'm working as a PCA to support my family so I can't go to the writing tutors like most students can. If I were in school right now that would be my first idea but since I am not in school I am looking for other ways to find help with writing my essays. Thanks for the suggestion though...
  6. by   DarkLotus
    IMHO having an EFC of 0 is not a real hardship. You can make around 30k a year as a single person and still have an EFC of 0. Working full time as a CNA pays less than that! Hardships are the other aspects in ones life that make getting into nursing school a struggle not just having a low paying job...
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    I just wrote out what I wanted to address and then tailored that to fit each essay topic. I am pretty happy with my essays and came in under character count. YAY!

    NursingBoy: Sorry that you will not be able to do this. Good luck with nursing school and your other scholarships!

    DarkLotus: I do not think that anyone here could really tell you if you will get the scholarship. I think most of us have had hardships otherwise we would not qualify for the scholarship by having an EFC of 0. We are all in need of the money, especially those who no longer qualify for grants at all. I am sorry you are having a hard time with the essays. I am sure you will do great. Maybe try the writing tutors in your college library?
  7. by   JeffC
    I got the scholarship last year... If anyone needs someone to "proof" their essays and would feel comfortable with it, let me know.
  8. by   kevsgirl1
    DarkLotus: I am truly sorry for your hardships. I have had them as well Also, even more sorry about your bad experiences with Nursing schools not beng truthful about who will really have a chance! That is so frustrating. From what I have seen, most people applying for this scholarship really do need it and have their own story behind why they need it. We cannot really say that someone needs it more than another because we don't know everyones whole story. Also, I want to just say that you will not be able to start school in the fall without your loans. This scholarship does not distribute monies until November...well sometimes late October. You would have to pay for school before then most likely. I know I asked my school and they said they would not wait for payment because the scholarship is not guaranteed until September. Is there no way for you to get loans? Did you default on your last student loans?

    JeffC: I may take you up on that offer. That is so kind!
  9. by   DarkLotus
    No I did not default on student loans. I am chipping away at minimal payments with my measly CNA salary. I had to pay for daycare for two kids for three years while doing pre reqs and working.
    Also JeffC I'll take you up on that offer for sure! Between kids and work I have no days off to go to a school to find anyone to read my essays which is why I was asking on here!
  10. by   kevsgirl1
    Only reason I asked about defaulting was eligibility reasons. You should be able to take out more loans if you did not default. I understand you had hard times, ok? I am trying to help. If you do not want it, then I will not offer it. That is what this thread is for.
  11. by   Getting To Great
    I have a question: Do you have to BE accepted or already enrolled into a Nursing program to be eligible for the scholarship? Can one apply to a Nursing and waiting acceptance and still apply for the scholarship? Do they offer this every year? Thanks.
  12. by   StudentNur85
    Quote from JeffC
    I got the scholarship last year... If anyone needs someone to "proof" their essays and would feel comfortable with it, let me know.
    I would love to get some more info about the essays from you...if you don't mind?? I requested you as a friend, so kindly accept it so I can send you my questions.

    Thank You so much.........
  13. by   kevsgirl1
    JuliansMom: You have to be accepted by May 8th because they make the school fill out a verification of acceptance/enrollment form. They do offer it every year. When will you find out if you are accepted?