2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application - page 7

The application process hasn't even started yet but I didn't even find out about last year's scholarship until a couple days before the deadline. I did get my application in on time but was not... Read More

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    In the summer they will verify the program and your enrollment with the school. They will find out you are in a bridge program eventually. Maybe they will make an exception for you...I don't think so though. One of my friends was in a program like that and eventually became ineligible later in the process when they found out it was an LPN bridge program.

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    yeah...I am calling this morning.....
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    please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to "trick" anyone....I will be a licensed LPN at the time of the ADN-RN start date....after talking with the HRSA-NSP directly, they agree that it is a gray area in need of further clarification up the food chain....I have spent my spring break completing this application so I want to be sure if I am ruled out before I give up....
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    Yes, please make sure. I just wish you would have known before you spent your whole spring break doing it. I don't think you are trying to trick anyone and I think the other user was using the word lightly. I would hate for you to apply, get the award, and then after receiving money be declared ineligible in some way. You would then have to pay back in the money with interest. I hope everything works out for you. Please keep us updated.
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    Question, I have gotten everything else in for the package and I am now working on my essays. I was wondering, does the characters include with spaces or without spaces?
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    Thank you for your kind words!....yeah, I have written all the essays and put together almost all of the paperwork needed....shame on me for missing the disclosure in the first place....but I am still full of hope, the HRSA is having a "webinar" conference at 1pm EST to discuss the process as well as some program modifications....they sent me an e-mail after I talked with them regarding my "gray area".....so they haven't said no just yet, even though I gave them that opportunity....so no news is good news so far...I will definately post what transpires :-)
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    Yeah I got those emails too about the webinar. When/how did they say they would contact you to give you an answer? If you don't hear in a week, you should call back for sure. Stay on top of them!
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    Would writing an essay about caring for a immigrant with no family in the US who was at a LTC facility on Medicaid be considered writing about serving a disadvantaged population?
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    Quote from kevsgirl1
    Yeah I got those emails too about the webinar. When/how did they say they would contact you to give you an answer? If you don't hear in a week, you should call back for sure. Stay on top of them!
    well, I have my answer....it is a big NO....oh well, I am in contention for some other scholarships and grants so i will cross my fingers....Thanks for your heads up....and good luck to you in your journey...actually you helped in a way, I looked at my ADN-RN program and decided that the LPN to BSN is a better long term investment for me....so in a round about way you really helped me!.....Peace....
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    I got the HRSA in 2009 & didn't have ANY volunteer experience. Things may have changed since then, but it was based on your EFC & then a lottery. I don't even recall ANY essays. However, that was several years ago, so I may have just forgotten.

    Sounds like the process has changed since I did it. I do know their criteria for what constitutes an "underserved" job has gotten tighter. When I graduated, just being in about ANY hospital would satisfy the requirement. Now it's only hospitals in certain geographics OR non-profits. Never could have gotten through school without it, but I'll be glad to be released from my "repayment" come September.
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