2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application - page 4

The application process hasn't even started yet but I didn't even find out about last year's scholarship until a couple days before the deadline. I did get my application in on time but was not... Read More

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    I am not ineligible because this is my first nursing degree. It is my second bachelor degree and does not count as a graduate degree. I think the issue is when it is a graduate degree for nursing. I also checked with my local representative to make sure before starting the application process. Thanks for the heads up!
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    In the guide, I am pretty sure it says to send transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended. :-/ I probably would not take the chance. Good luck though!
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    I am agreeing with you. I do not want to risk it! I am going to send all transcripts. Thank you for your input
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    In your letter to the scholarship, I would definitely point out that your grades have improved since you have been back and point out why (not as responsible before, etc.)....my grades improved substantially 12 years after the first time I tried going to college and made sure to point out that (in my case) I was too interested in going out to party!
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    I know that we write 3 essays, but when do we write a letter to the scholarship? That will be great! I was a young, single mother who worked full time and went to school full time. I have had a 4.0 the last 4 semesters though. I will make sure to point this out. You are extremely helpful JeffC. THANKS!
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    Sorry, not a letter.... but in one of the essays (extremely tired from an all night study session). I can't remember what our three essays were about when I applied, but in one of them (I think it was something about "How would you sacrifice to ensure you do well in the program") I mentioned that I used to be a bit of a screw up, but have since improved my GPA my doing blah blah blah.
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    I am looking all over for the HRSA website and Info document for the essay questions that they ask. What are they and where can i find them at? Do i have to start the application in order to see?
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    You do not have to open the application to see. Here they are though:

    Essay 1: How will you contribute to the mission of the Nursing Scholarship Program in providing care to underserved communities?
    Essay 2: What defines an underserved community? What experiences have you had that have prepared you to work with underserved populations?
    Essay 3: Please discuss your commitment to pursue a career in nursing.

    Each can only be 2500 characters.
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    I think those were the same exact ones from last year! Good luck, guys!
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    Hey JeffC, I have a question about the tax side of the scholarship. Have you done your taxes this year yet? The reason I am concerned is because my school costs more than others, and I am trying to figure out if I get it if I should save the monthly stipends to pay on my return next year. I usually get money from the government around $5000 because I work part time, go to school, and have a four year old on my own. Any opinions on the taxes?

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