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The application process hasn't even started yet but I didn't even find out about last year's scholarship until a couple days before the deadline. I did get my application in on time but was not fortunate enough to be a recipient.... Read More

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    to fhutchin:

    I think if they disqualified you for that, they would be pretty ridiculous. They require that info for safekeeping, meaning if your essays get separated they have a way of knowing whose file it belongs to. If everything else is okay in your application then not have your first initial and last four of your social IMO will not prevent you from getting the scholarship. Good luck and stop worrying!
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    Quote from fhutchin
    i just realized the essays should have my first inital, last name, and last four of my social. do u think this disqualifies me?
    it is listed in the requirements, but it is unknown whether or not this will disqualify you from the scholarship.

    Quote from peterbrasco
    how do you log in back to view application status? anyone knows? i went to hrsa.gov website and couldn't find where to log in to view application status.
    the portal is currently unavailable, at least for me. unless you did not meet one of the initial eligibility requirements, your status should be "under review." throughout the cycle last year, status' did not change unless you became ineligible throughout reviewal, but all eligible applicants had the status of "under review" until it change to "award" or "not selected for award" in august/september depending on the decision.

    patience is key for the next few months!
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    Ok. Thanks so much X-Nurse14. I thought as much.I finally signed in and said application closed. I did submit my application with a confirmation of under review status.

    I am just going to pretend i didnt apply and see how it goes.
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    Quote from hihopes22
    I hope my response was not fabricated lol. I spoke with a rep and they said they really want to see the most recent transcript. Which is the one I have in the transcript portion. Hope she wasn't just sayinh anything to say it. :-/ I am so unsure now. Not too confident about my application just for the transcript and now the SAR. Ehh..Good Luck to everyone though!
    Academic Transcripts
    Applicants must submit official or unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary academic institutions/programs attended, including their current school. If the applicant is not currently or has not previously been enrolled in a post-secondary academic institution/program, a complete high school transcript should be submitted. The uploaded transcript must be legible and include the applicant’s school name, courses taken, grades received for each course, and cumulative Grade Point Average.

    I would call again. But maybe they won't even notice that you are missing a transcript?
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    [QUOTE=JeffC;6015525]Hi everyone:

    I got the scholarship this past August...Let me know about any questions you have.

    GPA: 3.9, 2.5 years of HIV education and prevention volunteer work, etc.

    Is the state that you reside in considered a factor in the decision making? Reading through some posts from earlier cycles, it seemed that they divided states into different colors. Was there any significance to their divisions? I don't know if it was already asked but what was your resident state when you received the scholarship?
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    That's what I said. She said the most recent is what they look at...IDK I have already given up. Worked har to mke sure I did not turn it in last minute and kind of wishing I had. Anyway. I have come to the conclusion I have already been disqualified. :-\
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    There is nowhere for me to login and see anything. I remember reading that last year they could still look at their application after the submission date...does anyone know how to do this?
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    i'm actually having trouble logging in to check the status update on my application as well. is anyone else having the same trouble? usually you can just sign on to the portal again and it'll let you know if it is "under review" and if your app is updated or what the current status of it is. but when i sign on it just keeps on saying [color=#333333]

    • you do not have nursing scholarship program role to access the requested page for the current cycle. please add nursing scholarship program role first.

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    Was told they have a glitch and that within. 3 days it would be fixed. I experienced same problem.
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    Quote from peterbrasco
    Was told they have a glitch and that within. 3 days it would be fixed. I experienced same problem.
    Oh good, I'm somewhat paranoid I didn't submit a file and would like to check my application.

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