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by msa9179

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Hello all... ...long time reader, first time poster..... ...seeking info on the Walden FNP program.... So, I have a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Texas at Austin, and I am a Registered Nurse in... Read More

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    Thank you for your help!
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    Hi Mal!
    Got one more question in regards to Walden. How is online classes look like? Do they offer recorded lectures, videos, and etc? Do courses require a lot of writing? Thanks 😊
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    To any Walden FNP students that have started clinicals in Dallas, where are your sites? Please help!!
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    Hi, I am also in that program. Where are your clinical sites? I am trying to set mine up for next year and I live in the Dallas area too.
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    Once you are in the program there are resources that list every office/physician/np/pa that has been a preceptor for Walden. What area of DFW are you in? I've had some FABULOUS preceptors in the McKinney area.
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    Cessna172, I graduated from McNeese too!! December 2011