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by PatMac10,RN

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If I remember correctly, their NP program was only available on campus not too long ago. How long has the online NP been established? Has anyone here on attended and graduated from the online program? If so, how was... Read More

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    Quote from Crt2rn
    I am only in first class but so far I love it! Super excited about this program.
    How are you doing with South university?
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    So far I am doing well. I have 96%. Its totally doable so far!
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    Ive decided to go with South university if they will have me
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    I specifically asked if South allowed in my state and I received a yes in writing. Sent transcripts, essays, rec letters. They insisted on my SSN, though I told them I wasn't doing financial aid. AFTER they had all my information, I was told whoops - we actually are not able to work with students in my state! Lesson learned...

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    I COMPLETELY take back everything nice I said about South. They told me they accepted all of my credits, I even have it in writing in an email. THE FRIDAY BEFORE CLASSES STARTED I was told that they decided not to take any credits. Meanwhile, I turned down other programs that I got into, obtained my loan money, but thankfully didn't make a payment yet so will get that back. THEY TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR TO GET YOUR MONEY AND THEN BECOME RUDE AND UNHELPFUL WHEN YOU AGREE TO THEIR SALES PITCH. THIS SCHOOL IS UNPROFESSIONAL, THEY BLAMED IT ON "HUMAN ERROR". Well the human error is delaying my future so I am not very happy about it and when I asked to speak with someone to help me, this "program director" was non-existant. ALSO, MY ACADEMIC ADVISER WENT ON VACATION THAT SAME WEEK CLASSES WERE TO BEGIN!! Needless to say I dropped the program and they very quickly refunded my loan money.
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    The admissions reps are sales people.
    Here is where my story gets EVEN BETTER!
    After they denied my course credit transfer a day before classes (after approving them) I decided to "withdraw" from the program. I was livid, and immediately spoke with financial aid to cancel my loan. I have an email from my financial counselor at South stating:
    "The loan has been cancelled internally without any disbursement activity; I was advised we do not have a form we can send you as the funds never posted to the account. You can contact the loan holder however, Fifth Third Bank, to confirm cancellation with them and they may be able to provide you with an official document."
    So, I was happy that they simply would cancel the loan and they hadn't received any funds yet.... a week or 2 went by and I realized I hadn't gotten any email confirmation from Sallie Mae about the cancellation so I decided I better call the loan company and make sure the cancellation was going through...... SOUTH NEVER CANCELLED IT!!! AND THEY WERE SCHEDULED TO RECEIVE A PAYMENT THE NEXT DAY!!!
    Thank goodness I called the loan company and cancelled it in time through Sallie Mae... that would have been a nightmare!
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    Yep! I had everything in writing with them, and I was so glad I did because I was able to forward the rep's letters. No one would have believed me if I hadn't, as it seemed too unbelievable to be true.