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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

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    I should have said UIC is the only other dual program I meet the requirements for right now (and they're my top choices, coincidentally enough). I'll be taking all my pre-reqs next year so they won't be done in time for deadlines for schools like UCSF.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Any idea how tough it is to get into this program? (How many people apply? What percentage get in?) I'm applying, but I think it might be a bit of a long shot. I have had some great experience in global health, but i'm seriously lacking in science classes and clinical research experience. I have a about 2 typical pre-reqs completed (though Yale doesn't officially require them, correct?) So I'm applying, but no idea if I'll get in.

    Are one of the tracks easier than others? I would like to apply for Family, but my guess is that that might be one of the toughest...
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    Hey guys!

    I am also applying for GEPN 2013. What is everyone's choice of specialty? Is anyone having trouble with the flow of their essay? Where else are you guys applying? I'm applying to 7 schools total but Yale is definitely my top choice! A few years ago I applied to Seattle U's APNI program and was waitlisted and never got in. I heard it was a competitive year but still...that really hurt my confidence.
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    Hi I'm also applying to the 2013 GEPN program at Yale and according to admissions, last year about 400 people applied, 200 got called for the interview, 140 were accepted, and around 90 enrolled. It's quite a challenging program and all the best to you guys!
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    Thanks for the info, DN!!! I'm still working on doing final exits and tweaks to the essay. I plan to send everything in about a week before the deadline. I've been assisting a midwife and we have three births in the next three weeks so I want to wait until after those to finalize my essay! I'm also not taking my GRE until the end of October to maximize study time. I'm already stressed and can't believe the application is due a month from today!!!
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    Hi everyone, I am nearly through with my Yale application! My transcripts ship tomorrow and then I am done! I am so excited. I'm applying to the CNM/WHNP track. I feel pretty good about my essay. I revised it so many times that I practically have it memorized at this point. So far I have Penn, Columbia and Yale all taken care of. Next up, JHU, Boston College, and Vanderbilt!
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    Hey everyone! Hope everyone is at the tail end of finishing up their applications! Is anyone else confused about why we need to upload transcripts and mail them? Did everyone just order two official copies and open one to scan? A couple of my schools don't have unofficial transcripts so I think this will be my only option. Also, does the stays for the recommenders change one they submit or do we never got confirmation all three are in?
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    That should have said "does the STATUS for the recommenders change?" As in does it change from "mailed to recommender on (insert date)" to "received" or anything?
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    Hi JustD16, to answer your question - I don't think the status of recommenders change even after they send the recommendations in, but you can call/email the admissions office to check that they've received it.
    Also, I think the reason they want applicants to upload transcripts is that sometimes the official transcripts take time to be all uploaded digitally into the applicants' files and having unofficial transcripts helps the committee get to work faster on processing applications. My school actually had a page where I could get a list of my classes and grades, and I saved this page as a PDF and uploaded it as an unofficial transcript. In fact, if you have any additional questions let me know and I can ask the YSN admissions officer tomorrow when they visit my school. All best, and can't wait to be done with the applications!
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    atomicgirl, YES, I really don't like how many questions I have to answer...IN ORDER....for their essay. I had a really good personal statement for all the other schools I'm applying to but the one for Yale takes the cake for the most complicated one. I actually haven't even started writing mine yet and I'm hoping to get a rough draft out to my proofreaders soon...but it's definitely challenging trying to weave all these questions in a cohesive and interesting manner....how is yours coming along?

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