Where do I go from here? MSN, MPH, MHA even?? Where do I go from here? MSN, MPH, MHA even?? | allnurses

Where do I go from here? MSN, MPH, MHA even??

  1. 0 I've been a pediatric nurse for 4 years now, with a small stint in adult outpatient. I have my ADN and a bachelors in health science. I'm not sure where to go at this point in my career. I'd like to do more with peds in terms of tackling the obesity epidemic in young kids and do work with diabetes, but I'm not sure if I should go ahead and get my MSN, or MPH, or even my MHA. I'm not interested in teaching, and not interested in being a FNP. I would like to do something like help run a clinic, or program for obese kids, or do research with childhood obesity/diabetes. Also should I even bother getting my BSN since I already have a bachelors in health science? Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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    Either a MSN with specialty in admin or a MPH would benefit you. Many PH jobs require a BSN and a PH cert from the board of reg nursing.
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    There are also MSNs in Public Health which looks at population health issues from a nursing-centered perspective.
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    Do your MSN with a focus in public health. I wish you the best in whatever program you go with. With a masters degree you will have increase choices of job options.