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Well, I thought this day would never come, but the application period for Western U's MSN-E program starts a week from today! I'm beyond nervous, as I've been working on this career change for... Read More

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    Hi Melman. Congratulations! How did they contact you?

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    I'm so glad you guys don't have to deal with NursingCAS this go-around. That was a nightmare.
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    Thank you GozXamaica. Daniell actually called me on Monday about my status. Then I got emails. I'm hoping that other spots open up for you guys too! I heard you can contact Admissions and see what improvements you can make to your application to make yourself more competitive in the next round. They do not have notes though from your interview. Try calling them before you submit everything again. GOOD LUCK ALL and thanks again.

    P.S. I agree, NursingCAS was awful! UGGGHH...
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    I just turned down a spot off the waiting list. Michelle called me today asking if I had completed my one course that was still in progress and once I told her my grade, i had an acceptance email in my inbox shortly after. If you're still on the waiting list and haven't updated Western on any last minute requirements I would do so ASAP, you never know that might be the initiative they are looking for! Good luck everyone!!
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    Hey KT8T08 thank you for updating us and for the advise! I just wanted to clarify , did you turn down your acceptance? Also, if you don't mind telling when was your interview? Thanks once again!
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    I know they kept telling us not to contact them if we were chosen as an alternate...but should we anyway? Or maybe even just send them our transcripts and completed health forms??
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    Hey guys! I am an alternate and was offered a seat on Friday but will unfortunately decline since I'm happily settled elsewhere. Good luck to those who are still waiting to hear back!!!
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    Thanks for letting us know imagine! Still keeping fingers crossed!
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    Just wanted to let the people know who are on waitlist, that I have withdrawn my seat for the program! Good luck to you guys!!

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