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  1. by   BeesMama
    Quote from raminajulia
    Is anyone else getting kind of frustrated/annoyed by all this?
    Yes, a little. We were told the interviews were done on Feb 22 and that we would know in 2-3 weeks - and Mar 21 is definitely after that. It just seems odd that out of the 220ish that they interviewed, they couldn't fill a class of 60. I am not buying that! I met several amazing people in my group alone, so I know that there were plenty of great candidates.
  2. by   msjules
    Hi everyone! I am still waiting to hear back too. I interviewed on 2/20...they said 2-3 weeks. I am so surprised they are still going to interview in late March!
  3. by   msjules
    I didn't get accepted to UCLA and really hoping to go to Western...this waiting is torture!
  4. by   WinterSoldier
    I really don't know what to think of all this. I was very impressed with the other interviewees I met--I was actually really sad to say goodbye to a couple of the girls, haha. In the parking lot we hugged and hoped to be future classmates!!

    I too have a hard time believing they couldn't fill the class, like I said before, now I feel like I just wasn't good enough. The sad part is I thought my interview went well. Maybe they didn't like my writing sample

    They haven't sent out all acceptances, so there is still a little bit of hope. Trying to be patient and focus on the positive.
  5. by   snowyshan
    Hey everyone I got accepted but decided to go somewhere else so this opens up a spot for all of you! Best of luck!!!
  6. by   oyvey06
    Sorry, coming on to this thread really late in the game but I have to say that I agree. During, the interview session that I attended there was plenty of great competitive individuals there. I wish I could be a fly on the wall during their decision making.
  7. by   BlueEyes85
    This all seems very odd and out of character for Western. Very confusing...
  8. by   summerg
    hey guys i just found this thread and i'm glad i did. I also applied to Western and went to an interview on the 13th of feb. A
    friend of mine (who also went to the same interview) recieved an acceptance e-mail from Western 2 days ago and i'm totally stressing about not hearing back!
    i'm glad i'm not alone. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  9. by   ktonic
    Losing hope every minute that pass by. Considering that Western was my first choice, this is just utterly heartbreaking.
  10. by   msjules
    Same here ktonic still hoping for the best though
  11. by   dnhumphries
    I feel that the entire application/interview process has been frustrating and chaotic, which I would not have expected after the Preview Days. Those seemed to be executed so well that I've been a little let down to be honest. I hope this was just an off year for them.
  12. by   wfapanchita
    Quote from BlueEyes85
    This all seems very odd and out of character for Western. Very confusing...
    I completely agree with you BlueEye85!
  13. by   WinterSoldier
    Don't lose too much hope ktonic! Last year the second round of acceptance emails went out about a week after the first from the looks of last year's thread. I also had a thought; maybe they have already received several declinations of acceptance from the group they emailed yesterday. That might explain why they are inviting more people to interview. They do want a an alternate list of 60 should everyone decline their offer. They are probably anticipating more declinations from the current group of accepts and need some time to figure out the second group of accepts, and need to make sure they still have enough alternates.

    I hope anyway...

    Welcome newcomers!