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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Thanks BlueEyes for letting me know about this thread. I received my interview invitation and I will be interviewing on Thursday Feb 21st. For those who have interviewed already, is it a group interview or a one on one? I have been hearing both answers so I was a little confused.

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    It's a 2 on 1 interview, 2 faculty members and you with about seven questions asked...
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    Thanks Alyssa! I appreciate it.
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    Those of you that received interview invites, how long did it take them to send you the additional information? I got my invitation on Wednesday asking if I can make it on the 20th. I replied right away but have not heard back as to exactly what time the interview will be at. From what I understand, there are two time slots an early morning one and an afternoon one. Thanks in advance!
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    You are welcome BeesMama!

    The orientation handbook states that decisions will be sent February/March, however, I was informed by three different faculty members that we will hear from them in March-via e-mail.

    There were 18 people interviewing today and we were split into 3 groups of 6. They provided us with a buffet of snacks, coffee, and water. It made me feel so at ease and after the campus tour, I was positive that Western is definitely where I want to pursue my nursing education. You guys will love it and I wish everyone good luck.
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    It took 2-3 days for me to receive the follow up e-mail containing the interview information.
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    I received my interview invitation for Feb 21st yesterday around 11:30 am and received the additional information today around 4:30PM.

    I had the same worry as you did but I'm sure you will get it soon.
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    Ktonic, did you get an email ??? Or did they call you?
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    LeftAtrium82, I got an email from them titled MSN-E Interview
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    For those of you that already had your interviews, how do you recommend we can prepare? Or like what types of questions to expect?

    Sorry I'm a bit nervous

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