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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    I completely agree with you Beesmama. The change will definitely be to our advantage. In three years many things can happen, especially in education and in the health system. Plus, we want to get out of nursing school with a good education and knowledge of what we are doing, because we will be dealing with patients life.
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    I also asked the interviewers about the FNP change and if we would be guaranteed acceptance after the MSN portion. They said we are given preference but not guaranteed. That made me a little wary if they change the way the program is, staring with our cohort.
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    Oh that's weird. I asked the staff I was interviewing as well since I am also interested in the FNP. They said alumni basically are guaranteed a seat once they apply to the program.
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    I'm feeling like we have news coming this week... yup, something in the air
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    i hope your prediction is right superfryk ... i hope it is good news though haha fingers crossed
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    Quote from superfryk
    I'm feeling like we have news coming this week... yup, something in the air
    Superfryk: you think?? I'm thinking it might happen more like the second week of March. Hey...I won't complain if it happens this week!!
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    Happy Monday everyone! Maybe superfryk is right and this is our week!
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    I'm hoping it is this week too!!

    And regarding the FNP program - what they said in our group was that if you did the steps to apply to the program (basically whatever they ask for) you would pretty much have a spot. I don't think they would make you reapply and then deny. I think it is more to better prepare people, not to make it harder. If that makes sense.
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    Yeah I'm hoping we hear this week too. The suspense is killing me.
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    My guess in Monday! Everytime I hear the e-mail chime on my phone my heart starts to beat a little faster! This anticipation is killing me!!!!
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    Hopefully by the end of the week, we'll be hearing some good news from them! Friday is the two-week mark for the last interview.
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    i think we'll know next tuesday. i was looking at the thread from last year and they notified everyone the second week of march on tuesday. haha.

    but here's to hoping that it will be this week!
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    @ramina i know exactly what you mean about the email chime. i was in a meeting today and i heard my email go off on the phone. all i wanted to do was pull out the phone to check it -__- i sped the meeting up to finish earlier. i think i forget about the anxiety until i hear an email notification. i feel like im in a pavlov's dog experiment right now!!
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