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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   ucefrain
    Hey Marisa I was also interviewed on the 20th. I was the only guy there. I wonder how many other guys applied this year? Last year there was at least five other guys on the same interview day as me. Any guys out there reading this? Lol
  2. by   BeesMama
    Not a guy, but there were a few guys in the afternoon on the 21st! I think maybe 2 (or 3?)
  3. by   ucefrain
    Awsome thanks beesmama.
  4. by   raminajulia
    Yes, I was there too in the afternoon! Getting super anxious now waiting for a response.

    Not sure if anyone has already asked this but did anyone else here apply to/get accepted to CSU Fullerton?
  5. by   BeesMama
    Quote from wfapanchita
    Yes!! Western is definitely my first choice!! Two more weeks to go... I wonder if any of those that got interviewed on the first week (1/29) have already received any acceptance letters?
    I'd love to know if anyone has received an acceptance letter! We were told 2-3 weeks. I wonder if they were told 4-5 to account for interviews taking place later?

    Any acceptance letters out there? (Besides the 7 or so early acceptance folks)
  6. by   alyssag24
    I had my interview the first day on 2/13 and have not heard anything yet. They said we wouldn't hear back from them until the beginning or middle of March. They were going to send acceptance letters,emails, or phone calls all at the same time so it didn't matter if we interviewed in the beginning or end. I just want to find out already!!! Haha patience is not something that I have
  7. by   ktonic
    Knowing that there are already 7 early acceptance scares me even more
    That means there are only 53 spots left.

    But it's okay, positive thoughts.. positive thoughts..
  8. by   WinterSoldier
    @ucefrain I interviewed in the afternoon on 2/14, don't remember seeing any guys there, maybe one, but I was so anxious and nervous I don't remember! Sorry
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  9. by   wfapanchita
    ktonic: Please don't say that...
    Lets stay positive and hope for the best!!
  10. by   wfapanchita
    ucefrain: My interview was on the 20th, in the morning. All 18 of us were girls!
  11. by   ktonic
    wfapanchita: yes i agree, let's stay positive!!
  12. by   ucefrain
    Hey Ceci and wfapanchita thanks for the info I guess either they didn't interview many guys or not too many of us applied! Lol either way it doesn't matter to me Just hope that if I get accepted our cohort will be united and a positive influence on each other. By the looks of it all of you people seem great!
  13. by   marisapm
    ucefrain I remember you! We were in the same group and talked for awhile... last ones to interview that day. This waiting period is going to really be awful. Every time I get an email my stomach drops.