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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Hi All,
    I was wondering when you all got that email? I am trying to figure out if they sent out that email at the same time for all of us, or at different times throughout the year. I just want to know how recently people got it last-because if its recent then they are still probably reviewing applications...I guess...Or I should stop overthinking
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    Hi all,

    So I decided to call and see what's going on and I guess they are still in the process of looking over the applications, no definite dates for interviews or interviewees yet. The lady I spoke to said that they won't be doing phone calls for interviews, they will be sending out emails. Hope this helps!!!

    Lithiumpink I got my email stating that my application is being processed on Dec. 16th.
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    Okay I am so relieved it is by email now! I am terrible with phone calls, not to mention having to screen my calls from shady callers that still think I am someone else! lol
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    Awesome ricebunny, I was just about to call them too and figure out what's going on?!!??! Glad to see they are notifying by emails as well, that way I don't have to have a mini-heart attack when a call comes in
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    I cant remember when I got mine but I know it was almost a month earlier than my friend who also applied. Thanks for letting us know they are still looking- that way there's a little less sitting on the edge of my seat (for the time being)
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    Thanks for all the info guys!! I figured they would let us know by email since that was the main form of communication last year. I was looking through some emails for a time frame and once I was notified of an interview the date came up pretty quick. Last year: notified of interview Feb. 15, then my interview was scheduled on Feb. 24. So be prepared to not have much time to request off work, etc. Here's to more waiting...but hopefully not MUCH more!
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    The email that you guys are talking about, ....is it the one that says our application is ready for evaluation?
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    Lily, that's what I was assuming too...?? I received mine around Nov. 17...
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    BlueEyes85, if that's the email everyone is referring to, then we received ours around the same time, ...it is the only email regarding my application status that I've received!!!
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    That's ok lily! I think it's the only one we've all recieved at this point
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    Yeah likewise. I haven't received any email except the one we are talking about
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    Looks like there will be more waiting and wondering during the 3 day weekend...
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    Oh, the waiting!!!