Walden vs Chamberlain for RN-BSN/MSN

  1. I am comparing 2 online programs for completing my BSN and possibly MSN. If anyone has any experience with Walden or Chamberlain please reply.
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  3. by   dfurbee
    Walden is an excellent. I obtained my MSN from them, they mail you all of the materials for each semester, and the professors will answer your questions in the same day. Great University
  4. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Thanks for the comment. Did you go thru Walden for your BSN too? What is the workload like?
  5. by   dfurbee
    No, only my MSN. The workload is not to rigorous, and I workded full time and had my son who played football in high school. It is very doable.
  6. by   daniam25
    I earned my BSN through Chamberlain and it was very doable. 100% of the coursework is online, there are NO clinicals, and the instructors are very fair. It is quite expensive though. There is another college that uses the same platform as Chamberlain but charges over half the price less for their online BSN program. Try American Sentinel University. You might find that you'll be able to get the same degree for far less out of pocket...
  7. by   Binaxoxo
    Gadgit girl, have you decided on an online school? Im torn between Walden, chamberlain, arizona and utica :.
  8. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    I decided I would go with Walden. I haven't started yet because I can't afford it at this time.
  9. by   Amanda.RN
    GadgitGurlRN, were you happy with your choice of Walden? I'm looking at online schools and can't seem to make up my mind. I need to do RN to BSN first, then hoping to do dual degree MSN/MBA or MSN/MHA (basically, a degree with managerial emphasis). Thanks in advance for your reply!
  10. by   TIME-TRAVELER
    I heard that Walden is not approved by the board of nursing - which means you can not sit for licensure in any most states.