Walden - tell me if I'm crazy...

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    Like so many others here, I'm thinking of going for a masters in education. I like the looks of Walden - the curriculum, and the way the program is presented.
    But - Am I crazy to be concerned that this is not a "brick and mortar" school? For some reason, that bothers me.
    I've read many good reviews of the program, but many of those reviews here don't seem to have been from very many different people involved with Walden.
    I suppose it boils down to how does this look as a degree to employers, and those on the outside?
    Thanks for letting me vent...

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    I have a friend, who got her MSN through Walden, and she was very happy with them. She is an extremely smart nurse educator, and I trust her opinion, FWIW. She got an educator job before she even graduated from the program, so it would seem that they are pretty reputable. Good luck to you.
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    I am graduating from Walden in just a few weeks. I have had no problem with anyone about the fact that it is not brick and mortar, I have been offered several jobs. I loved the program. You have to be fairly organized and it helps if you love to write. I felt as though I learned a lot and got what I needed.
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    Thank you, Debra. And, best of luck to you!
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    Online programs don't have the onus that they used to have as "diploma mills." I have heard of Walden and if its accredited, you know what, no one even asks you where you got your degree...they just want the initials behind your name. Good luck.

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