USA MSN Fall 2012

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    Has anyone heard anything? The wait is driving me crazy. Acceptance packets are due back July 15th! That doesn't give us much time, if we are lucky enough to get accepted!

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    i applied too and still waiting. i call them everyday, called today and they said letters will be going out end of the week. hopefully we might get it next week. good or bad. goodluck
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    Thanks for posting. Im glad Im not alone...this is just nerve wracking
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    I got my acceptance letter for fnp yesterday!! So excited!
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    I was accepted too! I'd love to get to know a fellow classmate!
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    Hey NurseMissHart! Are you going full time or part time?
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    part time, sorry for the delay. What about you??
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    I'm going part time too!
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    Hey guys going part time too! Is anyone making any kind of group page on facebook or anything?
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    PLEASE start a facebook page!! I would love to connect with you all!! We can help each other get through school. Since you all are going part time do you all have FT jobs? I am Laura Hart Pair on facebook. It won't let me create a group unless I already have people to add to it. Maybe someone else is better at doing this than I am.

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