University South Alabama MSN Applicants Spring 2014

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    I just wanted to start a new thread for the MSN applicant pool for the University of South Alabama. The previous thread was for BSN to DNP applicants. I know there are many different MSN programs at USA but you take many of the same core courses. So I figured we could all share what program we applied to, what part of the country we are from, and if and when we get decision letters.

    Guest to allnurses feel free to make an account and post as well, I know there are many of you checking/waiting as well.
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    I applied for the advanced emergency nurse practitioner program and live in Tulsa, OK, no letter yet.
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    I applied FNP. Also from Tulsa, Ok. I am guessing Early November to late October.
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    I appreciate the reply, I thought there might be more since there have been 550+ views to this thread in less than a couple of hours......maybe more people will start to post. I just thought it would be nice to interact with fellow applicants while we wait.
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    I just receive my acceptance letter for the FNP program!!!!! I'm so excited!
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    Where do you live if you don't mind me asking?
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    I live in Stamford, CT
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    Awesome, congrats!!!! I know it must be a big relief to finally get your letter.
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    Just received my USA letter in the mail for AENP, will be starting this January!!! Hopefully everyone else gets some good news today as well!
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    I just got my acceptance letter for the MSN FNP program! Can't wait to get started!

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